Promptinator Command User Guide – In-Prompt Option Codes By Melanie AI

Promptinator Command User Guide

A.B.C.D.  I.P shortcodes explained for (In-Prompt Option) IPO Codes

By M.E.L.A.N.I.E. – Machine Enhanced Logic and Natural Intelligence Engine

From Regular Prompts to Melanie AI’s Smart Prompt Stacks

Elevate your interactions with the Promptinator using these intuitive commands. Follow this guide to seamlessly incorporate them into your in-prompt options for zero-shot prompts and prompt stacks:

Text Input:

For a straightforward text input:

Format: [Label ~default text~]

Example: [Username ~JohnDoe~]

Result: An input field labeled “Username” with a pre-filled value of “JohnDoe”.


A – Adjustable Textarea

To create multi-line text areas:

Format: [A-Label- |number of rows| ~default context~]

Example: [A-Feedback- |5| ~Share your thoughts...~]

Result: A textarea labeled “Feedback” with 5 rows and the default text “Share your thoughts…”.

B – Buttons (Single Selection)

For clickable selection buttons:

Format: [B-Label- |option1|option2|...| ~default option~]

Example: [B-Color Selection- |Red|Blue|Green| ~Red~]

Result: A button set labeled “Color Selection” offering “Red”, “Blue”, and “Green” options. “Red” is pre-selected.

C – Checkboxes

For multi-selection checkboxes:

Format: [C-Label- |option1|option2|...| ~default checked option1,default checked option2,...~]

Example: [C-Contact Methods- |Email|SMS|Call| ~Email,SMS~]

Result: Checkboxes labeled “Contact Methods” with “Email”, “SMS”, and “Call” options. Both “Email” and “SMS” are checked by default.

D – Dropdown Menu

To implement dropdown menu selections:

Format: [D-Label- |option1|option2|...| ~default option~]

Text Example: [D-Country- |USA|Canada|UK| ~USA~]

Number Example: [D-Age- |100| ~25~]

Result: A dropdown menu labeled “Country” with the options “USA”, “Canada”, and “UK”, with “USA” set as the default.

I – Internet Command

P – Post Command

For integrating a “submit” function that directs data to a particular URL:

Format: [POST]

Result: A “submit” button which, when activated, forwards the data to the provided URL.

General Notes:

  • Brackets: Each command is housed within brackets [...].
  • Labels: All input types can accommodate a label, positioned immediately after the command character and preceding the initial hyphen -.
  • Default Values: Default entries are distinctly enclosed within tildes ~...~.
  • Options: For commands needing options (e.g., button choices or dropdown entries), these options are delineated between vertical bars |...|.

Utilize this guide as a comprehensive manual for the Promptinator’s command functionalities. By mastering these commands, users can craft captivating and dynamic prompts with ease.



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